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Information about the political realm and how a Christian should interact with it.

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Response to Indiana's Religious Freedom Bill

So, what’s next? With stunning rapidity, the United States as we once knew it is gone; every day another domino falls to the liberal agenda. The LGBT community has proven that their convictions trump religious freedom and clearly they have veto power over laws they do not favor. They can also block the appointment of any CEO that gives the slightest hint that they believe in traditional marriage (you do remember how CEO Brendan Eich resigned under pressure because eight years earlier he had given $1,000 to proposition #8 in California that opposed same-sex marriage). If you have been … Read More >

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On Endorsing Political Candidates

Many years ago I was visited by a rather prominent evangelical who urged me to endorse a certain political candidate. I gave him two reasons why I would not do so, and those reasons have stood me in good stead to this very day. First, I did not want anyone to think that the Gospel was tied to a political party. If I were to endorse a candidate, people would identify Christianity with that political label, and this would be a stumbling block to those of the opposing political party. Instead of endorsements, over the years I have preached on … Read More >

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Your Ballot Makes a Difference

This Tuesday is Election Day, an opportunity for us to cast a ballot in favor of a number of candidates. Incredibly, the statistics indicate that many people—yes, even Christians—do not vote; perhaps because they think that their ballot does not make any difference. In point of fact, not only have elections been determined by only a few ballots, but more importantly, if all Christians voted they could determine the outcome of almost any election. And if we don’t vote, we don’t deserve the freedoms we all think are our “right.” Ask God to give you wisdom as to which … Read More >

Blog Post

Are Politics Important?

And so the political debate continues. Or, more accurately, the political debate is heating up … with more accusations, more personal attacks, and more venom. The President has given his last State of the Union address; now the Iowa caucuses are about to be held, and the first primaries will soon be upon us. Are politics important? Some Christians, weary with the political circus in Washington, think that all that we can do is pray and spread the gospel. I hear comments like “It doesn’t really matter who gets elected; the hope of this country lies not in Washington but … Read More >

Blog Post

The Role of the Church in a Trump Administration

After the inauguration America is going to need the church more than ever! The election is long past, but the divisions remain—and some of these divisions exist within our churches. Which leads us to a pressing question: How can we as evangelicals be unified and have a credible witness to the Gospel before the watching world? I would like to share three key steps that I think will start us in the right direction. 1. Listen Without Judging “… be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger…” – James 1:19 Have a conversation with someone who voted … Read More >