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Information about the birth of Jesus Christ.

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Sharing the Hope of Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time of year for most people, but certainly not for all. This is a very difficult time for those who are lonely, depressed, or who feel as if they are “on the outside looking in.” I’m thinking of those who are bereft of family; those who dread a family get-together when relatives are in the same room; those who have lost loved ones whom they especially miss at Christmas … The list of those who find Christmas a painful time of year is longer than most of us realize. So what do we do? We … Read More >

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Merry Christmas from Pastor Lutzer!

Hi, Pastor Lutzer here wishing you a very blessed Christmas. Let us remind ourselves that Jesus Christ came into a very dangerous world. And our world is dangerous. It’s dangerous internationally; it’s dangerous even domestically as we think of the tensions that we have in our nation today. And if you live in Chicago, you would even say it is dangerous locally, because of all of the violence that is going on. But remember, Jesus calls us also to live in a dangerous world; to represent Him; to give, even as we have been given to, thanks to our wonderful … Read More >

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Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

This hymn was written by Charles Wesley, the brother of the famous evangelist John Wesley. The Wesleys were mightily used of God in the revivals in England in the seventeen hundreds. But they were banned from the Anglican Church. For one thing, they disagreed with some of the doctrines of the church; for another, their methods were different from those of other preachers. Charles is also the author of other hymns such as “Love Divine, All Love Excelling,” and another of my favorites, “And Can It Be That I Should Gain An Interest In My Savior’s Blood?” and … Read More >

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Make a Difference This Christmas

Christmas is not the same for everyone.  For some, Christmas is a lonely time of year because they have no friends and few resources. For others, including those whose relatives and friends were killed in the most recent terrorist attack, it will be a time of sorrow and loss. For still others, it will just be an excuse to give and receive gifts and party with friends. As for us, let’s remember the meaning of Christmas and celebrate accordingly—and as we do so, let’s make a difference in the lives of others. We can include the needy in our … Read More >

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A Christmas Message From Pastor Lutzer: How Can We Redeem Christmas From Christmas?

I have a friend who is a Christian, but he doesn’t celebrate Christmas. No Christmas trees, no gifts, no Christmas carols! He is so sick and tired of the way in which Christmas has been commercialized that as far as he’s concerned, he wants nothing to do with it!  There’s a part of me that sympathizes with him. You know, I’ve been to Europe, for example; and there you can go to the “Christ-Mart,” the Christmas market. And of course, it’s wonderful to walk around and sip some apple cider and see all of the things that are available. But if you were … Read More >