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In Growing Through Conflict, Dr. Erwin Lutzer teaches us how to imitate David's successes and avoid his failures. Whether you face difficult relationships, unresolved grief, doubts about faith, or illicit desires, David's life will show you how to grow in your relationship with God—even through conflict—because no challenge is too great for Him.

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Has your faith been crippled by fear? Using lessons from the life of Joshua, Dr. Erwin Lutzer teaches us what we can do every day to see the promises of God fulfilled in our lives. Conquering the Fear of Failure will help you rest in His promises so that you may live a faith-filled, victorious life.

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Tornadoes. Tsunamis. Earthquakes. Hurricanes. When disaster strikes, we find ourselves asking: “Are these truly the acts of a loving and compassionate God?” In Where Was God? Dr. Erwin Lutzer answers our questions and offers comfort and hope to those who struggle with some of life's most difficult questions.

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In Jesus, Lover of a Woman's Soul, Dr. Lutzer and his wife, Rebecca, reveal the truth about Jesus and women: how He defied tradition by affirming women and daring to teach that they are valuable.  Jesus changed everything for women and this book can help you see yourself through God's eyes.

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